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Patience is Hard

We need to be nice to ourselves and others. We need to be patient with ourselves and others. It doesn’t come easily. Like any personal effort, patience takes time to turn from an idea to a reality effortlessly in action.  

Everyone has their stuff. it takes time to live through our personal issues and come out the other side a more developed person. 

For me, patience is a sign of me becoming wiser. It’s proof to myself that I am full of more love than I am judgement. 

If I’m frustrated and want to be hard on others... I’m first making sure I have my shit together. It feels better and is realer that way. Check yourself first. 

Wishing you take it easier on yourself and others. 


Live from the bar at Taos Mesa Brewing taproom after a 12 hour day of community service, 

With love - Miles  

Notes to self from LAX


Notes from LAX to myself

Make videos with more light effects / layers...

Make music with more layers

Live life with less layers

LA has a serious smog issue. The sky looks like someone spray painted full silver dust between it and the sun.

Create an easy “What to do about climate change pamphlet”. So people know what to do.

Tasmania Airport - Notes to self

Notes from Hobart Tasmania airport -


I feel alone. Wife is still staying for a bit as I return to USA to see kids and responsibilities. I feel clean when alone. Happy no one is sitting next to me on plane, plenty of space. I like space and large areas where I can stretch my mind and body. I miss my wife. It was great to meet more of her family. Heading out. Thinking a lot. Assessing. Returning. I always think about making beats and recording when I think about what I like to do for fun. Next comes bicycling and being with family. Last night’s tarot reading suggested aligning more often with my spirituality more than I have been.. less being distracted by responsibilities to others... lead from the I’ll spend 15 hours a week on music... that will be a steep increase from no consistent effort for years on it. I’ll get more focused on music, my easily most rewarding professional activity.  I will see if that feels like more of a proactive balance. I’ve spent too much time being in the field on. community work , addressing social issues. On to Melbourne, LA, and then NM. I miss my wife. 


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