Miles Bonny

Social Work Music


Miles is the product of a family focused on human support and music. Born to a Trumpet playing father and guitar playing mother in NYC, Miles’ family culture was the byproduct of his strong family roots. These roots most include a paternal grandmother who was a pioneering Music Therapist and maternal grandmother who championed Women and cross-cultural dialogue. With two Minister Grandfathers added to the mix, this New York City-born New Jersey-bred young boy has traveled the globe as he trusts his gut with a faith in the eternal good of life. As a trumpeter, vocalist, producer, dj and community empowerment worker his explorations in social issues and world cultures has taken him on numerous tours in Europe, invited him into collaborations addressing drug abuse with artists in Russia and fatherhood in Italy, random excursions including time in Sweden with Diplo, and Australia with Osunlade and Ta-Ku. Whether rubbing shoulders as child with Tito Puente, Max Roach, Carmine Caruso, Vic Damone, and Michael Brecker or as a collaborator with many in the international DJ, Vinyl, Beat, and Soul scenes as an adult, Miles has stayed in the fold of not only music but culture.

A fan of community work and social good, Miles spends his non-music time educating housing unstable teenagers on independent living skills, toddlers on DJing, law enforcement on harm-reduction, and recovering opioid users on creativity and self confidence. His creations are a warm blanket that hugs you while exploring life’s bed of nails. Social Awareness filters through his mouth, microphones and computers to represent itself as creations that are experienced by soulful people around the world. Rather than fear the negative aspects of the world, Miles dives into them as he seeks possible answers to our collective social issues. Connect with Miles and welcome the future as your friend. He is ready. He’s been ready.


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