Miles Bonny

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As humans stay confused , stay focused

"Stay Focused" 

is something I tell young people I work with. I realize they may not always what they are to focus on. It may be that when they leave my office they forget this idea or go back to wandering. I suppose that is understandable, however I also hope and intend that they stay focused on whatever they prefer to. As a result they will reap the benefits if their steadfast mentality and guided energy. 


As humans poison the earth with chemicals and exhaust, trash and negative intention; and as natural destruction and personal devistation result, may we all think about our lives and what we contribute to both good and bad. As hard as it is, in doing so, we will be more and more able to understand our role in it all and know more clearly what to change. Stay focused on the realities of your life today, and may it continually change and grow toward the better. For us all. 🙏🏽


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