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Why Trump wants to become a War Hero

 At this point in history, as of today, our president continues to create situations that do not seek to resolve the most violent and urgent needs of our time but instead to create more provocations of elements of our humanity that bring about war. Throughout his campaign the president often referred to, in a positive light, the generals that he interacts with or has support from. When you combine these two factors it seems evident that in the president’s interest of exacerbating issues with North Korea  that if there were to be a horrible manifestation of war that he himself would hope to become a legendary were hero in hindsight as result. His ego seeks it.  Maybe during the war of the people will like him. Maybe during a war they will feel so he is really leading them on in a good way. And maybe after the war, he himself will be seen as a hero instead of where he is right now.  We hope none of this will be the case.  


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