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Tasmania Airport - Notes to self

Notes from Hobart Tasmania airport -


I feel alone. Wife is still staying for a bit as I return to USA to see kids and responsibilities. I feel clean when alone. Happy no one is sitting next to me on plane, plenty of space. I like space and large areas where I can stretch my mind and body. I miss my wife. It was great to meet more of her family. Heading out. Thinking a lot. Assessing. Returning. I always think about making beats and recording when I think about what I like to do for fun. Next comes bicycling and being with family. Last night’s tarot reading suggested aligning more often with my spirituality more than I have been.. less being distracted by responsibilities to others... lead from the I’ll spend 15 hours a week on music... that will be a steep increase from no consistent effort for years on it. I’ll get more focused on music, my easily most rewarding professional activity.  I will see if that feels like more of a proactive balance. I’ve spent too much time being in the field on. community work , addressing social issues. On to Melbourne, LA, and then NM. I miss my wife. 


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