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The Coffee Apothecary - Taos NM

616 Paseo Del Pueblo Sur

Taos, NM 87571

 I visited for the first time today. They not only are friendly but..... care about making great coffee!!!!  

I visited for the first time today. They not only are friendly but..... care about making great coffee!!!!  

Great coffee shop next to Gearing Up... 

-wifi available

-electrical outlets available

-credit card and cash accepted

m-f 7am-4pm currently but stop by

fresh locally made exceptional baked goods and high quality coffee and excellent  froth. Ok?! Check it out

Straw Bail and Wire Stucco Mesh connecting with bailing wire


 // this is an amateur observation//

Im doing some retrofit repairs to a natural building construction. In order to seal it up more efficiently I am connecting stucco mesh for future cement plaster application. To connect straw bail to stucco mesh use bailing wire. Cut lengths of about 12 inches and fold in half and the twist wire a little. You can experienent with this. Longer could be better but harder to get deep into the straw bail while shorter wire lengths do not pull mesh in as tight to the bail after being inserted. Push through mesh into straw bail. It's ok if it bends a little but the deeper into the straw bail that the wire goes, the tighter the hold at that point. Lightly hammer in end of folder wire after inserting each end by hand. Questions? Let me know. 


Seun Kuti & Tears of Joy

Sharon jones died. I'm hanging out with my father at a Seun Kuti show  live in the venue where I play twice a week in the midst of a trump impending presidency after working many hours for my community after missing my kids and my wife . The music and message from the band is amazing and the perspective is awesome. Standing next to the speaker for the first song made me cry. I'm grateful, scared, happy, and hopeful of the once.


Planned Obsolescence Rappers

Bad Rappers being promoted?

Less future competition. I'll explain...

Large companies who control mass media pop culture must be promoting people they feel will not become a commercial threat to their business. In other words, Jay-Z came up as a rapper and is now a wealthy business man who created competitive businesses as a result of his intellect, after using their platform to grow.

Perhaps the business people have learned their lesson and now promote people who may not rise to that level of dominance and wealth. Stockholders would be happy with that. So would CEOs



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